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D&B Business Intelligence Tools

In the competitive marketplace, Credit Managers are continually faced with business challenges, to help maximize profits and meet internal and external. compliance requirements


Helping you see the full picture

Portfolio Manager is an online analysis tool which merges your customer receivables data with D&B's global database of over 220M businesses to provide a unique insight into your customers.

Portfolio Manager enables you to adapt, review and measure your credit policies over time by pinpointing current and future risk distribution across your customer portfolio - leading to better use of credit management resources and a clearer, more informed view of which credit policies are most appropriate.

Strategic and Tactical Issues

• Understand risk exposure within the portfolio and potential bad debt, across multiple divisions or countries
• Identify untapped opportunities in the customer portfolio
• Maximize cash flow
• Reduce cost of sales by targeting low risk accounts
• Implement a consistent credit policy and review its performance