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It’s Not Just a Numbers Game (Though We Do Maintain Over 300 Million Business Records!)

In Dun & Bradstreet’s earliest days, almost two centuries ago, collecting data meant men on horseback heading out into the burgeoning American West to investigate the viability of the many new businesses setting up shop. This was perhaps one of the first instances of using data to help companies grow and protect their businesses.

From the “Wild West” to the World

Since those early days, our data curation has grown to deliver a truly global view of businesses. Years of experience collecting and verifying global company data have led us to realize that different collection methods produce the best results. Today, we use a combination of sourced data (e.g., bureaus and government agencies around the globe), customer-provided data, crowd-sourced data, partners, and direct personal outreach and collection – ultimately synthesizing inputs from tens of thousands of sources.

Of course, it is actionable insights derived from data that are most powerful in helping companies improve their business performance. That’s why analytics became such an important part of what we offer.

Breadth, Depth, and Identity

Today, the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud offers the world’s most comprehensive business data and analytically derived insights covering companies of all sizes and virtually every industry. From the Data Cloud, we derive our unique Live Business Identity, which represents all information provided for any company in the Data Cloud. With this continually updated view, you’re able to make decisions and take actions to improve business performance and ultimately transform your business for the digital age. Live Business Identity attributes include risk-related scores, trade-related activity (such as payment data), company contacts, supply chain information, and other analytically derived insights (such as Country Risk Solutions).

Curating, verifying, governing, and updating valuable resources such as our Data Cloud – and deriving actionable insights that are part of Live Business Identity – are skills we have honed since those early days in the West. Leverage our expertise and efforts so that you can focus on your own core competencies and derive improved business performance from our data and analytical insights.

Data Cloud Sources

We use a variety of sources and collection methods to ensure the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud retains the depth and breadth needed in today’s multinational, cross-industry environment. Below lists some of our larger sources.

Proprietary Sources

We have derived actionable attributes from millions of transactional variables that, taken as-is, are complex, unstable, unstructured, and extremely challenging to access and integrate into your decision-making models. We test these derived attributes – which include inquiry data, purchase/spend data, and commercial property data – for predictive value associated with payment performance, viability, size, and other businesses outcomes.

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