Third-Party Risk

D&B Risk Analytics -
Supplier Intelligence

An AI-powered solution for supply and compliance teams who want to mitigate costly supplier risks intelligently.
Supplier Intelligence for a New Era
of Business Resilience
D&B Risk Analytics - Supplier Intelligence provides supply and compliance teams with a revolutionary solution that leverages AI-powered data to achieve a new level of visibility for managing risks. Utilizing the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud – D&B Risk Analytics - Supplier Intelligence allows you to screen suppliers, actively monitor risk changes, radically streamline your reporting process, and drive operational efficiency through automation.
D&B Risk Analytics - Supplier Intelligence is one of the very few solutions on the market today that provides comprehensive, continuously updated data integrated into software to help you
manage supplier risk.
Achieve Effective Visibility of Supplier Risks
Avoid gaps in supplier risk management and help reduce the likelihood of operational disruption.
• Leverage AI-driven proprietary risk scores 
  including SER, SSI, PAYDEX, and more.
• Segment risk performance by score, risk events,         and other factors
• New, modern, configurable user interface
Drive Operational Efficiency with Automated Screening
Screen restricted parties easier & more effectively than ever.
• Screen suppliers against sanctions, watchlists,
  and adverse media.
• Utilize intuitive, automated 5-step screening
  workflows with adjudication
• Dig deeper with Enhanced Screening incorporating 
  additional elements such as Ultimate Beneficial
  Ownership (UBO)

Establish Source of Wealth with Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Data
Leverage the world’s most comprehensive source of UBO data to establish source of wealth and gain visibility into who you are doing business with.
• Data on over 318 million shareholders
• Key insights on over 292 million individuals, more than
  16 million corporations, and 9 million direct entities
• Coverage available of 500+ million entities worldwide

Leverage ESG data for risk prioritization and to inform evaluations
Evaluate your supplier’s environmental, social, and governance risk throughout the procurement process to help increase supply chain resiliency and performance. This feature add-on provides comprehensive visibility into ESG insights on over 41+ million global entities, broken into 13 key ESG themes and 31 specific topics.
This D&B ESG Intelligence capability allows you to:
• Incorporate ESG into your due diligence processes
• Identify and understand ESG risks in your supply chain
• Actively monitor ESG risks and engage suppliers
• Effectively measure and report ESG risk potential

Identify and Understand Cyber
Risk Exposure From Suppliers
Assess and manage cyber risk throughout the procurement management lifecycle to help streamline supplier evaluation and help prevent costly cyber threats.
D&B Cyber Risk Ratings allows you to:
• Get actionable insight about cyber risks before 
  onboarding new suppliers
• Assess and understand your suppliers' cyber security
• Efficiently manage and report on cyber security

Monitor Supplier Risk Changes in Near Real-Time
Stay up to date with risk changes your third parties encounter in near real-time
• Ongoing monitoring allows you to keep up to date with
  suppliers shifting risk factors
• Set alerts to receive notification of risk changes before
  your supply chain is disrupted
• Access comprehensive 360-degree insights on each
  individual supplier on the company profile page

Help Reduce Supplier Costs
Help reduce supplier costs with by understanding how suppliers in your network are connected.
• Visualize supplier’s corporate linkage
• Locate supplier’s headquarters
• Find Alternate Suppliers based on risk scores,

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