Global Reference

Solution for Government

Confidently understand businesses and individuals across the globe



When Commercial Awareness is Government Business

Through the Global Reference Solution (GRS) for Government platform, analysts gain access to the world’s largest, most reliable and accurate database of businesses around the globe.

300+ Million Businesses
Access to over 50 fields of data on over 300 million global private and public businesses
Executive Contact Info
Daily updates to information on over 100 million decision-making executives and employees across the globe
Corporate Family Trees
Information on all direct and indirect subsidiaries of complete global family trees

Uncover relationships between individuals & businesses


Fundamental, mission-advancing insights can be derived by linking business activity to individuals that operate and fund businesses. GRS for Government provides job titles, contact information, photos, and biographies for key executives and directors, and in many cases helps to identify lower level personnel.

Easy search interface & exporting functionality


Query the database using any single criterion or combination of search criteria including company name, industry classification, executive name, address (city, state, region, etc.). Easily create and export customized reports and search results into Microsoft Excel and Word, Adobe Acrobat, CSV, or HTML. Charts can be exported into PNG, PDF, and SVG formats.

Enable iterative 'broad-to-narrow' research


Research work isn't always linear, which is why GRS for Government allows users to jump start research wherever it is convenient. A search may begin with a SIC Code industry search and reveal meaningful location-specific trends discovered by radius searching with zip code parameters, locating specific points on a map, or creating custom geographic zones with the geo mapping feature.

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