Credit & Risk Management

Business Credit Reports

Credit Advisor™ provides real-time

monitoring of another company's credit report to help reduce bad debt exposure

and maintain healthy cash flow



Evaluate Other Companies' Business Credit File

Monitor Another Company’s Credit

Credit Concierge

Enjoy unparalleled proficiency and expedited service for helping assess the credit risks of working with other businesses. A dedicated Concierge will use your preferences and guidelines to help you set a business credit scorecard, evaluate business credit applications, and make informed business credit decisions. Your Concierge can also help keep you alerted when Dun & Bradstreet notices an increase in the credit risk of your vendors, suppliers, or partners, as well as provide detailed trade risk insight based on D&B’s scores and ratings

Credit Advisor

Continuous, real-time access to a company’s full credit file can help you make confident credit decisions and proactively manage the credit relationship. Help reduce your exposure to bad debt and maintain a healthy cash flow with 24/7 access to D&B® scores and ratings and alerts of changes to a company’s business credit file.

Business Information Report

Use this detailed one-time report to help mitigate potential business risks by accessing a company’s operations, financial, and public filing records. Help avoid payment defaults and assess a company’s business credit risk with straightforward risk indicators like the D&B PAYDEX® Score, payment summary, D&B® Rating, and D&B Viability Rating®

Credit Evaluator Plus


Quickly helps you evaluate a company’s risk of late payment and make confident credit decisions based on a company’s D&B PAYDEX® Score and D&B® Credit Limit Recommendation.

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