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To maintain a competitive advantage in an uncertain economic climate, gaining visibility into your third parties’ ESG rankings is more important than it’s ever been.
Our FREE ESG Rankings Analysis provides you with a snapshot of your third parties’ ESG risks, broken down by theme and comparison to industry averages.
*The A/R information provided to Dun & Bradstreet via email or FTP will be used only for the Third-Party ESG Rankings Analysis, in accordance with our Privacy Notice. The Third-Party ESG Rankings Analysis results are projections provided as-is in accordance with our Terms of Use for your internal business purposes and reference only.
You’ll be able to:
  • • See your suppliers’ ESG rankings with a graphical summary of your portfolio’s ESG
  •   performance broken down by SASB category
  • •  Benchmark suppliers’ ESG rankings against current industry averages to help 
  •    develop ESG goals that boost profitability and risk avoidance
  • •  See a breakdown of rankings by ESG topic to gain a clearer picture of how your
  •    suppliers are performing in specific environmental, social, and governance areas
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